READY TO BE PUBLISHED    AD 3619. BioGorilla Leonardo Da Vinci is an ape with a human brain and cyborg mech parts, genetically engineered by scientists frantically producing an army of superhuman warriors to repulse an invasion of murderous spiderworm creatures threatening mankind and its Delph hexapod allies with elimination.

On a jungle world occupied by the enemy, Leonardo, Sergeant Miranda Bluefin and Lieutenant Gabriel Thorne must use their wits, intellect and Interstellar Marine training to stay alive. Bluefin, Leonardo’s closest human friend and confidant, has a brother who’s been lost for 20 years. She’s desperate to find him, but can’t because she’s stuck on a hostile, alien world. Thorne, a resourceful hunter who kills enemy soldiers with merciless precision, is haunted by the death of his family. He enjoys terminating the monsters who murdered them, until it becomes evident his furious obsession has consumed him. Yanked into an epic mission they can’t avoid, Leonardo and the two Marines must find a way to overcome their personal vexations and defeat the enemy to survive.

Created to be a lethal soldier, Leonardo is aware of his unique cyborg identity, begins to question who he is, and opts to free himself from his human masters. Aided by Mythica, an iconoclastic female BioGorilla who becomes his partner in crime, Leonardo’s quest for freedom in the midst of a brutal galactic war slowly evolves into an irresistible urge.

AD 2065. Friendly ETs in the Procyon System 11 light years from Earth have invited mankind to visit them. They’ve sent a pod filled with Advanced Science tutorials and intricate design plans for building an FTL superluminal. Knowing there’s a cataclysmic war in progress started by religious Extremists, the ETs have offered blueprints for building Moon and Mars Safe Haven colonies, so that the non-Extremist populations can be safely extracted before an impending nuclear apocalypse.

While half of humanity is moved to the rapidly-built colonies, an interstellar is secretly constructed to transport a crew of astronauts to Procyon. Before they can depart, the Extremists trigger an armageddon that wipes out Earth, Luna and Mars. The 100 Nauts aboard their ready to go ship above Earth are the only survivors. Heartbroken, they leave for Proycon, arrive safely and are embraced by the ETs, called Xzads. Over the months that follow, the Nauts come to realize the Xzads instigated the First Contact for a specific reason.

The ETs reveal the existence of countless Time Doors spread across the universe that allow sentients to travel back and forth through spacetime. The ancient mechanisms were turned off by renegade warriors thousands of years ago. If the Nauts can help the Xzads retrieve the codes to reactivate the Time Doors, the Xzads will give them powerful weapons and show them how to use the Doors to return to Earth to stop the Apocalypse before it occurs. Prior to this happening, a mission to obtain the codes from an incredibly lethal world occupied by powerful enemies must take place, with humans, Xzads and their mysterious Khhapulu allies joining forces.

AD 4,670. Humans and their Kkolla allies have fought the murderous Yyetti for 60 years. SpecForces Commander Darko Ripper has been sent to Ukkado, an Exo World occupied by the Yyetti, to assist a deep cover surveillance agent who has signalled for help. He’s joined on the mission by Tyndoo, a ruthless Kkolla warrior, and Thor, an ingenious Combat A.I.

Locating Electra Prime, the agent to be extracted, they learn she’s a Bio-Enhanced Future Warrior, a human cyborg given powerful combat skills and Next Level physical and mental abilities. Electra reveals that Ukkado is an enemy staging base with an underground prison where 7 human and 2 Kkolla warriors are incarcerated. Using her invisibility skills, she’s gone into the base to help the prisoners escape. Once inside, she realized she needed backup. The successful rescue she instigates with Ripper’s help triggers an intense pursuit by the Yyetti, who use every trick in the book to prevent Ripper, Tyndoo, Thor, Electra and the escapees from returning to Ripper’s ship hidden in the sky. The original assistance mission Ripper envisioned becomes a grueling life and death struggle.

Stumbling into an ancient city maze in the forest during their retreat puts the evading group in great danger, making it even harder to leave the treacherous planet safely. When Darko realizes he’s attracted to the cyborg woman in a way that’s difficult to ignore, it forces him to question everything he’s believed up to now. Is an intimate relationship with a female superwarrior who’s part cyborg possible? Finding out won’t happen unless Darko can discover a way to get himself, Electra, his companions and the rescued soldiers off Ukkado.

10,650 AD. It’s been 2 years since the 100-year Great War ended and the Forever Peace was signed. SpecWarrior Tio Hunter and Chee, his Incheena fighting cat, and T-Rex, a faithful Combat A.I., have been evading civilization aboard a stolen Armed Forces strike ship. Tio is looking for an isolated Exo World where he can hide and recuperate from 10 years of intense soldiering. He’s anxious to avoid the exotic sentients he fought for and leave the maniacal ETs he battled far behind.

On a backwater world he runs across scientists excavating relics left by Extragalactic Explorers called the Akki, who populated the Milky Way billions of years before mankind and the 8 Sentient Races appeared. When the scientists are attacked by Sayyan marauders, Tio intervenes, but can only save the team’s leader, Dr. Mia Arko Santé, a Mirror World Historian. The beautiful researcher has exhumed an incredibly valuable relic – an Akki Mirror, which can transport users to a fabled nirvana world where lifespans are dramatically extended and existence is godlike. Though despondent her entire team is dead, she’s incredibly grateful that Tio saved her life.

Mia asks Tio to come with her to the Mirror World. Tio knows the Mirrors are what caused the Great War. Possessing a Mirror is scary and dangerous. The Sentient Races will do anything to get one. As powerful forces begin to attack and pursue Tio, Mia, Chee and T-Rex, Tio has no choice but to flee with the captivating historian down a path that leads to the Mirror World, whether he likes it or not.

Earth Year 12,457. When the Orion Spur Conflict ended, SpecWarrior Chint Hazard came to Eyre Lacuna to manage the Armed Forces FarWatch surveillance equipment – clandestinely erected to hunt for malevolent, peace-breaking intrusions into the Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way. For 20 years, Chint and his Dangos – two wolfcats named Kima and Markati – have lived tranquilly on the heavily-forested, uninhabited Exo World. His existence here is a secret. Only his Armed Forces handlers and the squad of Interstellar Marines protecting the hidden FarWatch facilities spread across the planet know his location.

Chint’s peace is shattered when malevolent 9th Racer marauders land on Eyre Lacuna. The lizard carnivores release captives – humans, Extant Illgos and Farridokko – which they begin killing for sport. Intervening, Chint saves five sentients and destroys the 9th Racers. His rescue effort triggers more enemy ships to arrive. Thousands of lethal soldiers begin to hunt for Chint and the sentients he rescued, forcing the SpecWarrior to use FarWatch and everything he’s learned about Eyre Lacuna during his 20-year stay to evade them.

As it becomes evident that the 9th Racers have broken the peace negotiated at the end of Orion Spur and are invading many realms in the light years surrounding Eyre Lacuna, Chint and his squad of Marines must do everything possible to alert the Armed Forces, kill the intruders occupying his beloved sanctuary world home and prevent them from discovering the secret FarWatch equipment.